Frequently Asked Question About Money Making

Howdy people! I'm gone for more than eight months because of new business venture and now that everything is stable, Money Maker Philippines is back with more quality and comprehensive information to help you make money.

First of all, time flies fast and before I know it, my blog about definitive guide about money making opportunities in the Philippines is already one year old!


Bring out the birthday cakes, go get some balloons, bring out those cold and refreshing ice cream and turn on the party music and let the fun begin. Just kidding!

To celebrate our first year, I would like to dedicate this post to our OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) readers who's eager to learn how to become a certified money maker by starting their own businesses. So I'll start a FAQ's (frequently asked questions).

This past few weeks, I'm getting a lot of e-mail asking different things related to business and money making. I'm really happy because you guys and gals are asking my opinion and to help out, I'll answer those questions here in this post.

Question #1: Hi there Marcelo, what is the best business to start in the Philippines (insert province or town).

Answer: Sorry to say, it will be impossible for me to know what is the best business in your area without actually studying the location.

Then you might be asking.

How to know the best business to start in your location?

First thing you need to do is be very observant. Start observing some of the market near your proximity, list down their behavior and start to look for something missing.

Yeah, you read it right. Look for the missing products or services. If your area lacks small grocery stores or sari-sari store, then its high time to start one as soon as possible to fill in the needs.

If you noticed the consumers in your place flocks in a far away bakery to buy pandesal and bread products, then it might be a good chance to start a bakery business. The same is true to different food businesses such as tapsilog biz, lugawan, small canteen and many more.

The best business is always the missing one. Fill in the needs and provide the consumers what they need.

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Question #2: I want to make money online, is there any possible way to make it happen? Or maybe, online opportunities are just scams?

Answer: The Internet is like a murky waters full of golds and shits. You'll need to be very careful on grabbing underneath because you might grab a shit and that'll be nasty.

So, how to make money online in the Philippines?

Is it even possible?

You'll surely earn at home using only your desktop and laptop computer plus internet connection if you can write articles. There are some people or websites that buy articles for $2-5 per 500-1000 words. The topic will be given by your employer and all you have to do is research and write an article about the topic.

Article writing skills is also very helpful if you'll be aiming to be a blogger. Blog about topics you're interested in and keep on producing insightful, thoughtful and helpful articles to garner readers. Once you gain readership and search traffic from Google and other search engine, its time to monetize your blog and get some profits.

Another good job on the internet is online teaching. In this kind of job, your task is to teach English on Chinese, Korean and Japanese students online. Some people I know is earning quite good from this kind of online job, 15,000-20,000 a month for just a couple of hours a day is very good.

Question #3: Can I earn from (Name of MLM company)? My relatives are persuading me to join but I'm really hesitant because some people say that MLM companies are scam.

Answer: Those multilevel marketing (MLM) companies that asks for an entrance fee upon joining and sells you overpriced products without BFAD certification, or no products at all are surely a scam.

Many MLM companies just asks for money as "investment" and pushes you to recruit more people that will serve as your downlines. The more you recruit, the more you earn. This scheme is the same old pyramiding scam! Avoid them at all cost and don't listen to their incredible promises.

Question #4: Should I invest, save or get medical insurance? I cant decide what to do.

Answer: Save money, even 40 pesos a day. If you're saving 40 a day then you'll have 14,600 a year or 73,000 for five years. Isn't that amazing?

At the same time, try investing in legitimate investment company. Mutual funds and unit investment trust funds (UITF) are good choices. Visit the banks near you and don't hesitate to ask about investing.

Now go get some medical insurance because the old saying "health is wealth" is very true. If you have medical insurance, your hospital bills will be free or lessened. Of course practice a healthy lifestyle to avoid hospitalization.

In short, do them all.

Question #5: How can I pay my debts? My credit card debts are up to my neck already and its very stressful.

Answer: First thing you need to do is calm down. Take a deep breath and focus. Panicking and worrying wont pay your debts anyway.

Once your mind is clear and your thoughts are focused, start calling the credit card agent and arrange a meeting to talk about payment. Try your best to convince the agent to cut the interest and promise to pay your debts every month until the whole debts are erased.

Now create a tight monthly budget plan and strictly follow it. Be frugal, avoid too much spending and for the love of your pocket, stop buying unnecessary items, stop using your credit card if your in debt!

There you go guys! Hope I helped you out this time. Do you have any tips about making money? Share them in our comment section below and let's all have a nice discussion.


Massive List of Best Frugal Tips - Round Up

Living frugally is the best way to live a simple and happy live, most of all frugal living will hasten your goal to become financially free. Do you agree?

The question is:

"How to live frugally?"


Here are some tips that can give you some idea how to do it right.

1.) Stop spending on unnecessary things...for your pocket's sake.

2.) Be simple. Simplicity is beauty.

 3.) Don't replace a working gadget.

4.) Create a budget plan or blog about it like some finance and frugal bloggers to motivate yourself.

5.) Just don't spend too much. 




Not satisfied?


To give you more tips and tricks, I present you some Filipino financial bloggers to help you out. 

Edel Mabalay - Techo of Life in Manila

Edel is the gal behind Life in Manila, a blog that tackles her awesome existence in Manila, her blog have a mix topic of personal finance, shopping tips (Yes, shopping and how to control the urge.) cooking, and personal stuff. Her financial knowledge is engaging and you must give it a read.

Today she'll be sharing her frugal tips at home; a must read not only for homemakers.

Here are the five frugal tips which she try to follow strictly:

1. I have a weekly budget which I follow strictly. There are times when I get to overspend on a particular week, but I make sure it gets deducted from next week’s budget. Talk about offsetting!

2. Instead of accumulating stuff, I try to dispose or give away items at home that I don’t find any immediate or future use for. Normally, I give them to my parents, siblings, friends, or relatives. You know the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? It’s so true.

3. To keep our food expenses low and encourage ourselves to eat healthy, my husband and I buy fresh produce from the wet market. This also doubles as a bonding activity for us. Nowadays, we only go to the supermarket when our canned goods and cleaning supplies are on the verge of running out.

4. Instead of buying new beauty care (read: make-up) and toiletries, I try to finish using the ones I have at home first. This applies to food supplies as well. I just tell myself that my desire to try a new product can wait.

5. Unless we have house guests or it’s really necessary, we schedule our trips to the mall only during weekends. Or if we go out on Saturday, we stay at home on Sunday and vice versa. Fuel prices are starting to go up again and so every peso counts.

Visit Edel's blog:

Cindy Cortes of Kuripot Adventure

Cindy is the shy type gal who blog about beauty products before but she finds her calling on sharing different frugal tips that will help her and her readers find the way to financial freedom. She's now here on Money Maker Philippines to share some of the frugal tips being implemented at their house.

Cindy take the mic please :)

Here are my top 5 Frugal Tips I do at home

1. We make sure to clean our electric fan once a week so that we consume less in energy.

2. We buy in bulk products like laundry detergent, shampoo, fabric conditioner, sugar and the like instead of buying small packs. We notice we save more and use the product longer.

3. We don't drink soft drinks now which is good for our health and happy for our pocket. But there's an exception if there's an occasion. Hehe.

4. We list the items that we need to buy at the grocery store. It prevents us from purchasing or hoarding unnecessary goods.

5. We make use of advantage card from grocery stores such as pure gold or SM to avail discounts and earn points.

Thank You!

A round of applause!

Visit Cindy's blog in:

Izza Glino of Savings Pinay

If you want to improve your personal finance then you should visit Izza at Savings Pinay. She shares some valuable information about financial lessons, personal money experiences, budget tips, saving tricks, investment topics, productivity posts and career advice.

And guess what?

I interviewed her and she agreed to share some frugal tips that can help you save more money!

ME: What are your top 5 frugal practices that will help you save money?

1. I bought quality plain t-shirts and polo shirts of different colors and use them as my uniform at work. That way all I have to do is choose my pants to pair with and my blazer or cover-up. It also save me a big chunk of my time because I don't have to think hard on what to wear to work.

2. I strive hard to find frugal beauty products that work well. As a woman, my inner kakikayan shows with my obsession with makeup. Because I know that this hobby can be very costly I try to find products that are local and cheap yet tried and tested to work best. I also make it a point to only shop for a new skincare item or makeup if I know that I am nearing to empty a product.

3. I buy books in Booksale and stash some more during wide sale or bazaar. One hobby that makes me super happy is reading books and I have an obsession or just buying, collecting and reading books no matter what the genre is. I love second-hand books for I feel like there is a story behind each book.

4. We have no TV at home. Because I live with my eldest sister and both of us are way too entertained with our smart phone and laptop we choose not to have a TV anymore. I actually couldn't believe that I could live without TV but it turns out it is the right decision. We are not always at home plus we can just watch with our phone.

5. I manage my time well. This is a long process but I do believe that proper time management can help a person save more money. If you manage your time well you can avoid traffic as you go to work and more.

Hope my answers help.

Thank you so much for your answers Ms. Izza!

Visit Izza's blog:

Carlos - Personal Finance Apprentice 

The Personal Finance Apprentice is a blog that provides informative and actionable tips and tricks about investing (e.g how to invest in stock market) and personal finance management. Carlos publishes high quality articles in his blog and if you want to know more about investing and frugality just visit his blog and be enlightened.

Today we're lucky that he agreed to join our round up about frugality tips.

My top 5 would probably be:

1. Wait - Just wait before you buy. Whether it's on sale, looks like a great deal, or even if you already saved up for it, just wait a little bit before buying. You can canvass prices some more or maybe even just confirm first that you really need it. Or really want it, if it's a luxury, over a host of other things.

2. Track your spending - It's always an eye opener the first time you do it. You can get an app or just use scratch paper. But when you start tracking your money's "outflow" you really understand where the problem is.

3. Be curios/industrious - You'd be surprised how easy it is to do stuff you'd normally pay other people to do - fix faucets, pipes, locks, etc.

4. Buy high-quality, efficient products AND maintain properly - Look for EEF scores or pay attention to wattage. Maintain properly and even mediocre appliances might last long.

5. Know how to buy your happiness - Depending on past experience, this may sound cliche or cheesy. But in my experience, buying the wrong kind of happiness is the biggest money drainer.

(...and a bonus)

Generally any insecurity we might have could lead to over spending. People sometimes turn to food when they're stressed or unhappy, which can be expensive in itself without accounting for other related expenses it creates (like maintenance meds or trips to the doctor). Similarly people sometimes buy status symbols since they naturally crave either attention or admiration from others and "stuff" helps with that. High-paid, very busy parents might be spending a lot more than necessary on stuff for their kids because they feel guilty about the lack of quality time. Lack of self-esteem could be bad too, if we end up buying so many beauty products because we're somehow not ok with how we naturally look.

But I do believe happiness can be bought, just differently.  But generally find what makes you happy and spend your time and money on that. You can instead spend on additional/continuous education and get admiration for knowledge, while possibly improving career prospects. You could make time and spend a weekend with you kid, maybe treating them to a theme park and some ice cream - which could be less expensive and at the same time more memorable. The other stuff isn't so obvious, but if you answer "why" you could probably find a less expensive but more permanent solution.

Visit Carlos' blog:

Glen Apacible - Make Your Peso Grow (MYPG)

Glen Apacible is a seasoned investor and a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer who ended up with a career in I.T. and now working as a Systems Analyst and Software QA Engineer for an HK-based firm. He's writing actionable content about investing in mutual funds, UITF and stock market in his blog.

As requested, here are 5 tips I can share to you and your readers:

1. Wants vs. Needs

Determine if the thing you want to buy is a want or a need. Wants can be deferred. Needs are the things that you need in order to survive (life or work).

2. Save first before spending instead of spending first before saving.

After getting your salary, set aside an amount for your savings (ideally, at least 20%). The rest will be used for monthly expenses. Track where you spend your money and identify which expenses can be reduced. Increase the savings part if still possible.

3. Know when to pay in cash, know when to take advantage of your credit card

When buying expensive stuff like gadgets and appliances, don't be shy to ask for the "cash price" or the "best price". You'll be surprised that some reputable stores can give you generous discounts. In case a merchant tells you that credit card price is the same as the cash price, just use your credit card (if you have one) to earn rebates (provided you pay your credit card balance in full every month). Credit cards can also be used to avail special promos.

4. 3-in-1 over Starbucks coffee

If you're already working, you'll save a lot of money if you make your own coffee (3-in-1 or coffee from the pantry) instead of buying from coffee shops. I drink coffee twice a day. Assuming I spend 130 Pesos for a Grande sized Macchiato, that's 260 Pesos per day, 1300 Pesos a week, 5200 Pesos a month and 62400 Pesos a year!

5. Wait for "Sale" events

In case your purchase of clothes, furniture and other stuff can be deferred, wait for your favorite mall or shops to go on sale. You'll definitely be able to save some money on your purchase. Aside from the usual discounts to items, some malls even give additional discounts during the first 3 hours.

Visit Glen's blog:

Aurika Matias - Gumala With Aurika

Aurika loves travel and eating out. Despite having a travel blog, she knows a lot of important stuff about money and frugality. Now we're lucky that she agrees to share her financial hacks on our blog.

Aurika please take the lead :)

5 Financial Hacks I Should Have Known Earlier To Save Money

Admit it, you get excited every pay day then spontaneously buy things because “I worked hard for it so I will treat myself with a super cool new gadget”.  Don’t worry, it’s normal and all we can do is to learn from experience. Here are some financial hacks that I learned during my first year in work and later on become a habit to save money:

Financial Hack #1: Track your expenses.

Simple steps to track your expenses and save money:

• Save every receipt for 3 months or write your everyday expenses to see what you really spend, whether you pay for them by cash or card. I personally use Pocket Expense application on my phone to easily input and track my expenses.

• Review the numbers and your regular expenses. Now that you can see how you’ve spent your money, look for ways to save like cutting back on meals out or downgrading your cellphone package plan.

• Review all of your expenses for ways to cut back, then decide what to do with the extra money, such as paying-off your credit card, add it to your investment account or increase your emergency fund. Cutting out those money waster can make a big difference in your financial statement.

Financial Hack #2: “Do Not Save What Is Left After Spending, But Spend What Is Left After Saving”

That was what Warren Buffet said and I practiced it. After tracking my expenses.

I grouped my salaries into 4:

  • Expenses
  • Investment
  • Emergency Fund/ Save-up
  • Retirement Fund

Percentage will depend in your financial statement that is why tracking your expenses is important.

Financial Hack #3: Set up an automatic transfer to a savings or investment account.

If you keep on forgetting to save before spending, this will be very useful. Decide how much you want to save every payday or every month and it will automatically be transferred from your ATM-based savings account to your Save-Up account. Saving at least Php 3,000 a month will make a big difference in your financial statement. If you have extra cash, no need to wait for it to be transferred automatically – you can transfer funds anytime to you save-up account.

Financial Hack #4: Buy groceries.

Yup, rather than getting that overpriced meals and desserts. Did you know that you can save 50 percent by buying food in bulk? It is a highly effective way to cut expenses. If you’re shopping just for yourself, around Php 1,000 of groceries would be reasonable.

Financial Hack #5: Invest

If you are the type of person who wants to control your money then attend seminars or read “How to invest” books, open an investment account and then start investing. But take note that you’ll be the one responsible for it and has to keep on monitoring it. If you’re the “I have no time to monitor it” or “It’s hard to understand, I’ll let someone do it for me” then try the Mutual Fund.

Below are some of online trading brokers in the Philippines with a minimum of Php 5,000 deposit to start an account:

  • Col Financial
  • Accord Capital Equities Corporation
  • Angping & Associates Securities, Inc.

Visit Aurika's blog:

Mufti Lahaba - Drive 2 Freedom

Mufti owns the financial blog known as Drive 2 Freedom where he shares true gems of knowledge that helps people solve their problems regarding financial matters. He agrees to share some actionable information about frugality. 

1.) Use your reward card or have one. Use it every time you shop. SM advantage card is one good example. Over time you can accumulate points and you can use it to buy stuffs instead of cash.

2.) Plan your purchases ahead of time. If you need items like bags, clothes etc. then wait for the sale. Do not buy on impulses.

3.) Have an annual budget for your shopping expenses and track your purchases. Once you have reached the limit then stop shopping and wait for next year. My wife and I have only 10,000 pesos allocated for shopping once we have consume it before end of the year. We are not to shop anymore.

4.) Don’t shop for the brand but instead shop for the quality. One example of a good brand is SM Bonus products. It’s cheaper than the leading brand but it is of good quality. Personally I don’t think SM will compromise for the brand.

5.) If you can’t afford it in cash then you can’t afford it. Avoid using credit cards. This can easily trap you into accumulating debts.

Visit Mufti's blog

With that massive list of best frugal tips, I wish you guys will discover something new and enjoyed the round up of Filipino financial bloggers in my blog - Money Maker Philippines.


10 Neglected Startup Tips That Can Improve Your Business

food business
A totally unrelated picture.

Do you have your own business?

You must be thinking:

"How can I improve my business?"

We all know that managing a business is a challenging task that needs to test not only your physical but also your mental strength. Being able to face all the obstacles and taking a risk for the sake of growth is all part of being a good entrepreneur.

Since managing a business is very crucial for success, there are many techniques about business management.

A lot of tips and tricks on how to become successful entrepreneur and how to improve your business have already been given on the internet, actually you'll find tons of helpful advice and techniques that will help you a lot.

But some important techniques must be learned thru experience, the book will only the basic but the experience will forge you to become the best.

So in this topic let me share my experience as entrepreneur, I'll tell you the 10 most neglected business tips that can actually help you improve your business, here you will learn some of the most effective yet forgotten tips and tricks will surely help you.

1.) Write the Data

From purchases, deliveries, sales, target profits, payables and operational expenses.

Those data are important to track whether your business is going up or slowly sliding down. Armed with the right information at your arsenal, you can easily implement the right strategic moves to continuously improve your business.

2.) Outreach

"Don't wait the customers come to you, go to them and get their orders."

In my fist year of selling frozen goods in the market, the situation is not really healthy. The sales is low, no returning customers, spoilage is making losing me lose money and I feel so depressed because I think I'm gonna fail and lose.

Until I decided to get out of my store and go where the customers is, I asked all those small sari-sari store that sells frozen goods to buy from me and they'll get a discount plus delivery and the rest is history.

Waiting for the customers to come and do transactions with you is a tough, uphill battle to win so its a good idea to go and ask them and go to them directly, give them an offer they can't refuse and your good to go.

3.) Pay Yourself

This the most common problem of small-medium enterprise (SME) because they don't give themselves a rightful salary.

Why is it a bad habit?

Using the money of your business is one of the horrendous sins. Personal cash and business capital must be separated in order to create a balanced and orderly budget.

Why do you have to kill the duck that lays golden eggs? Instead of killing the duck, nurture it and let it lay more golden eggs, until you can't have enough.

4.) Be Innovative

When a frustrated entrepreneur saw his neighbor bagging a good income from selling hotcakes and drinks, there is a chance that he/she will do the same because that business is already a sure hit.

As time passes by, a lot of copycat entrepreneur will be starting their own hotcakes business which will result in very high supply and a declining number of demands.

Eventually, many hotcakes stores will close down because of very low sales, the only will be left standing are the toughest one. The one who cooks delicious but affordable hotcakes.

It doesn't matter who's the first one who started the business or who the copycat is, as long as you provide something that the customer happy and satisfied, you'll be successful.

And how to make the customers come back for more?

Be innovative!

Add something unique, something refreshing and engaging. Keep doing it until you attract attention, customers, sales and profit!

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Those related blog post can help a lot in finding the right business for you.

5.) Patience... lots of it.

I love my customers, they are the people who brings me money, they are important part of my success but I have to admit that 6 out 10 customers are annoying as buggers.

Their never ending demands, cheeky attitudes and over the top haggling skills are pushing my patience to its limits. But I always try to maintain composure to avoid losing valued customers.

"The customers are always right." they said.

But I believe:

"The customers are money." according to Mr.Krabbs.

6.) Social Media Presence

Social media is a good tool to get in touch with your long lost friends and relatives, not only that, social media can also push your business to success!


Free advertisements!

Put your business online and let a lot of eyeballs see it, you'll be recognized and some people might get curious and visit you to buy something. Create a Facebook fan page or a blog and get started.

This is very effective for restaurant and café shop businesses and other services related enterprises.

7.) Discounts and Promos

Cheapskate customers are all around the corner, they are waiting for promos, freebies and discounts to exploit. To call their attention, start your own promos and use the psychology of discounts; wherein you'll still earn a good profit and the discount is not really earth shaker.

Call me what you want, profit is still the most important part of the business.

8.) Good Attitude

According to some studies, many people are attracted to a person who posses a good attitude, so in order to acquire more returning customers, keep your head low and be nice to your customers, avoid sarcastic remarks (I'm definitely guilty for this) don't frown, and show that smiling face of yours.

Being friendly and nice will pay off so its a good investment worth trying.

9.) Sales Talk

The technique consist of convincing powers and pure cajolery! Sales talk is a powerful tool that must be in the arsenal of every entrepreneur.

It really makes a difference because you can either convince a customer to buy the product or allure them to buy more. This skill is not learned overnight and can be taught by the books. You need to experience it by yourself and learn how people reacts and read their moods.

10.) Psychology of Persuasion

I've already told you guys what is this persuasion thingy in my last article about sales and how to increase it tremendously

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Psychology of persuasion is a book authored by Robert Cialdini, Reagents' Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University. In the book, he stated 6 powerful ways to convince a customer to say yes, Mr. Cialdini's book is incredibly helpful for marketers and entrepreneurs.

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Effective Strategies to Increase Sales

how to boost sales

Are you a property consultant? Salesperson? Real estates broker?

How's the sales going?

"Hard? Tough?"

Not getting enough sales?

I feel you, it's really difficult! Especially for property consultants because not many people buy real estates properties.

It's very hard to get potential customers.

Giving away flyers in mall converts but not many salesperson and property consultant get lucky.

Some real estates salesperson are kissed by lady luck if they can sell one unit in a quarter or half a year.

Here's the catch;

I have here some secret techniques to increase your sales and conversion.

It is insanely effective and will surely increase your sales.

Do you want to learn new effective techniques that will increase your sales and commissions?

This sales technique is proven to increase your sales up to 50%!

Here's the deal;

Today I'm gonna show some secret techniques on how to increase your sales using simple but powerful tricks and tools available at your disposal.

We all know that selling house and lots or condo units are extremely profitable ventures because of the huge amount of commissions and different perks you'll be earning once you sell a single unit. The problem is, not everyone is willing to buy house and lot or condominium units because its very expensive.

Every real estates sales agents undergo a rigorous training in order to increase their marketing abilities, they are the front liner of the real estates companies so they must have a pleasing and approachable aura that will make the potential customers at ease at trust them.

Every entrepreneur wants to get more money. If you want to start a profitable business then you must know how to increase your sales, its a must for survival.

Sales talk, cajoles, guarantees and huge discounts are all part of the marketing strategy, and it all works!

Though, my purpose is to teach a new strategy that will help you increase your sales. The "sauce" that I'm going to tell you is a proven internet marketing strategy that will surely skyrocket your sales to the moon.

...and this techniques works for any marketing ventures but also very effective for real estate properties.

What are those secret techniques?

1.) Online Marketing

Many Filipino people are going digital, according to studies ??% of Filipinos are exposed on the internet and this is a very good opportunity to start your online marketing campaign, this will be a long tough process but very rewarding because online marketing is proven way to boost your sales and increase engagement with target customers.

To begin your online marketing campaign this is the first thing to do;

• Keywords Research

The aim of keyword research is to acquire laser targeted visitors to your blog. Those visitors are your precious "potential customers" and the only way to get them is to know what they are searching for.

Go to Google Keyword Planner.

Create a Google account if you don't have one. You'll need it to log in any Google services.

Use searches like

"how to buy house in [Your Area]"
"house and lot for sale in [YA]"
"flood free house in [YA]"
"best lot village in [YA]"
"condo unit for sale in [YA]"
"condo unit price in [YA]"
"buying condo unit in [YA]"

Your Area [YA] is the place where the real estate is located, for example "buying condo unit in Pembo Makati" though you can also broaden the area by typing in queries like "where to buy lots in Cavite"

PS: I insist that you include [Your Area] in keyword research in order to gather laser targeted "customers". Those who are searching for that kind of keywords are either willing to buy or canvassing.

If your chosen keywords have 500 or more searches a month then there are probably 500 "customers" out there searching the internet and all you need to do is get noticed by possible customers and entice them to buy from you.

First, how can you get the customers attention?

Simple! Read the next technique.

• Start a Blog

Remember your Google account? Use it and create a free blog on then start customizing the design of your blog to make it look like a "blog of a pro".

To learn more, visit the suggested post below and follow the easy and step by step guide to blogging.

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REMEMBER! Put your "About Me" section so the potential customers will know who you are, then "Contact Me" section must be detailed including with your picture, address, telephone number, mobile number, Twitter or Facebook profiles. This way the customers can easily contact you and ask you for the details.

• Content Marketing

You found your targeted keywords and created a blog, its now time to focus on writing content that converts. Studies show that content marketing increase your conversion up to ???%, that is if you can write a convincing and compelling content.

Here are some tips that you can use in writing content for your real estates property blog.

• How to guides - Helps in building trust and authority. Good way of providing informative content to your readers and potential buyers. Strong authority will increase your convincing powers.

• Tips in choosing the right house - Carefully enlighten the readers by telling them the advantages of buying real estate properties. Avoid too much sales pitch and keep on prpviding informative content.

• Convincing content - Create a definitive guide about your real estate properties. Define all the advantages and outline the reasons why the customers must chose you.

Content marketing doesn't end with writing high quality articles, you must also promote it in your social media networks and other available channels so many eyeballs will see your content. The more people can see your informative blog, the bigger chance to acquire potential customers.

• Search Engine Optimization

You might be wondering;

"How can I get laser targeted visitors to my blog?"

Remember what I told you about keyword research?

You'll be needing your researched keywords and optimize your blog for search queries. People who uses Google and other search engine to find something online has a bigger tendency to convert searchers into customers.

The problem is;

"How to rank first in Google search results?"

The answer is;

You must learn how to do search engine optimization (SEO). If you're a regular blogger I'm sure you know it already, but if you're still a newbie then you might be asking;

"What is SEO?"

It is where you optimize your blog to appear in search engine result pages using your chosen keywords. Simple as that. But in reality it is hard, frustrating but rewarding practice.

Here are some few tips to optimize your blog and blog posts.

• Use your keywords several times when writing content but never ever over do it. Google might brand you as spam and kick your blog to abyss. Recommended keyword density is 2-5%. You can use this tool to check your keyword density.

• Interlink your blog posts and link to other website and blogs related to yours. This is essential for every online businesses to create a strong foothold and maximize the passage of link juice.

• Build backlinks, it is important part of SEO because it is one factors on how Google and Bing ranks websites across the world wide web.

• Establish connection with other bloggers related to real estates and befriend them. Try to create harmonious relationship with them to create a "relationship links"

• Keep blogging and eventually you'll get more internal links that will boost your rankings.

That's just the basic SEO for your online businesses and blogs and there are still a lot of things you need to know about it.

Our short online marketing lesson to increase sales on real properties and other kinds of business is done. If you want to learn more, don't hesitate to contact me. :)


Do you want to know the best part?

We're getting to the most important part of this guide.

The technique is only mastered by the "Hokage" of sales.

Everybody knows it but not all property consultants and sales person have the ability to master it.


2.) Psychology of Persuasion

You created a strong foothold online by establishing a well optimized blog about real estates.

You also have regular tours in malls and high traffic like markets and near office areas during your duty.

You're diligent in distributing flyers and calling people's attention.

But all those hard work won't convert into sales if you failed to persuade the customer.

The problem is;

How to persuade without offending or being annoying or irritating?

It's not a problem anymore if you can learn the psychology of persuasion.

According to the book "Psychology of Persuasion" authored by Robert Cialdini, Reagents' Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University, there are six weapons of influence to convince a customer to say yes.

Here are four of the m that you can apply in your marketing campaign.

• Scarcity - People tends to buy a product or avail a service when a favorable option presented to them is about to end. For example, a certain customer inquired about the condo, tell him/her that there will be a huge discount but it will end in a week time.

This will bring the customer in state of "buying mode" to avail the huge discount.

• Authority - People respects a person in authority, a coat and tie, expensive gadgets and a car can give a boost in your authoritative aura.

For example, when talking to a client, be in your best attire, dress like a manager and act like one. Then talk and nicely and act with compassion. This will swoon the customer because an authority figure is caring for him/her.

• Liking - People tends to trust someone they like, or the one who's being trusted in the community.

For example, you can start selling to your inner circle (family, friends, relatives) because they like you. Increase your likeability by improving your rhetoric skills and physical looks. In short "smile".

• Social Proof - Strength in numbers! This type of influence convince customers by telling them and showing the evidence that a lot of people already purchased from you and they are all happy about it.

Bonus Tip:

3.) Smile

Seriously, don't frown. Keep that good looking face of yours intact adorned with your luscious smile. There is a saying that " A man who can't smile mustn't open a shop." People tends to buy to the person they like, a smiling face (make it genuine.) is a welcoming gesture to make a person to like you. Any business you want to start, a smiling face will surely help you get a regular customers.

Incorporate your warm and friendly smile with the business management tips that really works and I'm sure the sales of your business will skyrocket to the moon.

Talk sincerely, avoid being pushy and act like a friend to your customers and you will surely bag some sales.

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How AlDub - MaiDen Can Make You A Successful Entrepreneur

I know it! You're here because you're a fan of AlDub - MaiDen!

So am I...and proud of it! Actually, this is the first time I adored a love team. Seriously!

kalye serye
Photo Credits to AlDub Fan Page on Facebook

We love them both, Alden's overwhelming charm and Maine's overloaded cutesness and natural reaction when she's flustered! (Oh God she's soooo gorgeous!)

But wait, why do you love AlDub?

Why many people are so addicted to them?

Even some establishments moved their lunch break to 1PM just so they can watch AlDub on Eat Bulaga!

According to Bogart the Explorer, AlDub is the love team that closed a thousand stores and small businesses.

Many students watched AlDub on their smartphone with TV.

You might be wondering;

"What's the reason for this extreme addiction?"

"I can't believe that a simple Kalye Serye would affect millions of Filipino people worldwide!"

I think, the reason is simple as,

They have that "kilig" virus that's widely spreading by means of watching Eat Bulaga and using the internet, especially Twitter and Facebook. The characters can relate to the real people watching, plus the romance and comedy (RomCom) mix well together.

The positive "word of mouth" about them and the entertainment they give also converts common bystanders into fans and others into closet fans.

The spread of good vibes and laughs is unstoppable, it's the main reason why we love watching the Kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga.

We love how they make us feel good and how they make us happy, that's how the #AlDub fever have spread. Contagious kilig and happiness.

You might be cynical looking at me and asking;

But Money Maker Philippines blog is all about different money making opportunities in the Philippines? How come a showbiz item like AlDub - MaiDen love team is here?

Here's the catch;

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur let's learn some of the untapped business lessons from AlDub - MaiDen love team.

Believe me! AlDub's success can also be applied into your own business.

Doubts? Then let me show you!

1.) Be Different, Be Unique

Nicomaine Dei Mendoza also known as Yaya Dub is different among other girls who wants to climb the ladder to stardom. Her antics is something new to the viewers and it clicked right of the bat! She might be trying to look ugly for comedic effect but dammit! A lot of boys are falling for her charm!

Business Lesson:

Copying the "hit" business in your area is okay but it will only produce a mediocre result. Why don't you try something different, something unique, find what's lacking in your area then fill it up. Start your own hit business and avoid the "Lechon Manok effect".

2.) Be Courteous, It's A Must

Alden Richards the popular "Bae ng Bayan" displays courtesy and respect to people in all walks of life. This attitude is being carved into the hearts of the people and they will not forget that gesture.

Business Lesson:

Never, ever be rude to your customers because that bad attitude will only backfire to you and your establishment. There are many instances that a business declined because of bad attitude towards customers.

One big example is a certain show headed by self righteous gay comedian, he continuously hurls spears of insults to unlucky audiences and to some celebrity guest that he doesn't "like". Eventually the televiewers got tired of his antics and "bait-baitan ngunit ang lakas makalait" effect and switched to a much better show.

Being courteous is a trait that everyone needs to posses.

3.) Undeniable Chemistry

The AlDub - MaiDen duo namely Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, looks so good together on split screen, what more if they are together? The extreme level of chemical reaction might wake up Father of chemistry and start conducting study on this new phenomenal love team!

Business Lesson:

You and your chosen business must get along together, the internet contains massive list of business ideas that can help you find the "right one". Start a business that you love and it will help you keep motivated to keep on moving forward.

4.) It Will Make or Break You - The Supporting Cast

We all know that AlDub - MaiDen is accidental love team, it prospered because of the "Dabarkads" support for them, live teasing, continuous exposure and genius think tank created a big break for AlDub - MaiDen, the "KalyeSerye". Without those factors there will be no AlDub - MaiDen.

Business Lesson:

Your business can prosper if you can manage it wisely. But the growth will be faster if there will be someone who can support you.

If you need financial support (We all need it) seek out the local credit cooperative and let them help you on additional capital.

Need additional sales? Then use the power of internet and continuously increase your sales and leads generation with the help of blogging and content marketing. Start your own online business and put your business on the internet.

5.) Strong Support From Fans

See how the fans of AlDub - MaiDen get hurt and mad when someone throws crap at their idols? The fans go roaring and mobbing the crap thrower, the fans are willing protect their idols and they will surely support their idol's upcoming projects.

With this very strong fan based support, AlDub - MaiDen love team will be the next big thing in Philippines' showbiz industry.

Business Lesson:

Fans = Returning Customers

In any business, the returning customers are the ones who will give you a stable flow of sales. Returning customers likes you that's why they always go back and patronize your products.

Increase the number of returning customers by providing quality service, superb customer support, rhetoric skills and being friendly.

If you successfully obtained a lot of returning customers then you'll surely become rich.

6.) Stay Humble...All the Time

Alden Richards stays humble.

Photos from AlDub Facebook Page

Maine Mendoza shows acts of humility from time to time.

Keeping their feet on the ground despite their fame and success makes the people swoon and love them more.

Business Lesson:

No matter how much success you achieved in life, don't act high and mighty. Keep your head low and keep pushing forward to success.

That's the six business lessons you can learn from the AlDub - MaiDen love team.

Why do you love AlDub - MaiDen?

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3 Incredible Ways to Become Rich

money maker philippines

Do you want to become rich?

I know you do mate, next question. Do you have a concrete plan to achieve your goal?

Everyone I know wants to become rich, heck! Even I wants to be one, being rich means I can travel to the places I've never been too, eat all the foods that I want, most of all, I can play Minecraft all day long without worrying about work and financial responsibilities.

Total financial freedom!

Now you might be asking yourself, "is the some easy ways to become rich?" A question that's been answered by a lot of successful entrepreneurs in the history. They even produced a definitive guides in forms of books, blogs, magazines, TV shows, videos and podcasts for you to follow so you can be rich too.

But despite of many "spoon fed" guides and techniques offered, poverty is still on a rampage.



According to most recent studies, in this age of smartphones, the attention span of humans is only 8 seconds, and goldfish can hold a thought longer than us! This might be impossible to believe but its real. Humans are also naturally inconsistent, they change their hearts once a greener pasture is presented upon them.

You already discovered how to be rich, the path is paved because you already have the roadmap to riches all you have to do is diligently move forward. But you discovered new information, new money making investment, new opportunities.

Inconsistencies and trying out everything you've discovered will only stunt your growth, or worst it will drag you down.

That's the reason why I created this very simple guide...a different beast compared to those that you've read before.

The information that I'll be giving you here is the untapped source of wealth generating strategy.

NO multilevel marketing schemes
NO shitty investment scheme
NO crappy information juggling.
NO complicated crapola.

With this very powerful strategy, I managed to increased the capital of my frozen goods business therefore serving a much larger area, I also bought my own store in the market, because of that I finally freed myself from renting 7,000Php a month.

I can also sustain my monthly lot payment which is 10,000Php and currently saving 20,000Php in my savings account. I'm not yet stable or "financially free", I still have a lot of things to finish, but the path is clear and I'm getting there.

How did I do it?

Simple, I just learned how to focus, I'm naturally a minimalist, I set my eyes on a goal, created a definitive plan to get there and started moving forward. You see, the more information you discovered, the more eager you are to try it out and see the results, but being inconsistent will be detrimental to your growth.

You started everything yet finished nothing. This results in lack of focus and motivation.

The overwhelming crap load of information makes us blind to the true path to riches. Contrary to popular belief, you only need three incredible steps to become rich.

What are those three effective ways that will make you rich?

• Personal Finance Management

• Starting Your Own Business

• Acquiring Passive Income

Let's talk about the first one;

1.)Manage Your Personal Finance

managing your money

Now...get your jaw back and dont drop it again on the floor. This kind of advice has been rehashed a million times already, you can read it in prints, books and in blog posts, because it's the first step you must take in order to be rich! Its very important so it is always mentioned.

Believe me, learning how to manage your personal finance will create a huge difference.


Your cash flow will be organized -

If you can effectively allocate the money on where it is needed, your finances will improve by leaps and bounds. This will drastically reduce wrong financial decisions.

Your budget will be optimized -

Superb budgeting skills will greatly lessen your expenses by ?% according to ????. Now there's no reason to be lazy when creating a monthly budget plan.

Your savings will grow faster -

If you're a employee, bigger savings means you can now have a chance to start your own business. Being an entrepreneur will give you so many opportunities for growth. But if you want to climb the corporate ladder because it's what makes you happy then do it. What important is happiness and motivation.

Source of motivation -

One of the important element of success. Looking at your monthly and yearly records and watching your finances grow will bring in an ecstatic, eager and fulfilled feeling.

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Steps to Financial Freedom

Here are the step by step guide on how to easily manage your personal finance in a simple and easy way.

Step #1: List of income & expenses.

To effectively create a budget plan, you need to know how much you can budget. List down your income,expenses and target savings in their own designated notebook.

Step #2: Record Keeping

Create an organized record keeping cabinet where you can put your yearly financial plans. Put Separate records of expenses, investment, savings and income on their own notebooks. Keep it updated on weekly and monthly basis. To keep you totally inspired and fired up, continuously "beat" your previous record.


• Aim to lower expenses each month until you reach the comfortable level of frugality Avoid being burned out by overstraining yourself, buy what you want at least once a week.

• Aim on increasing your savings account or investments.

• If you own a business try to beat last month's sales, purchases and profit.

Step #3: Budget planning.

A monthly budget must be planned accordingly. Live by your means and avoid acting rich if you're not. Bulk buying is not a guaranteed saving method, you'll only save a measly 5 pesos but have a high tendency of wastage. Instead of bulk buying, only buy what you can use or eat.

Follow what is written in the budget, failing to do so is not allowed. Why create a budget plan if you won't follow it?

Step #4: Save Money

According to the financial experts, saving 20% of your income is the right thing to do. I'm no expert in finance not even a registered financial planner (RFP) but I dare to say that saving 20% of your salary is wrong.

Save only what you can save.

Saving money is important but it must not be forced out from you. First thing you must do is allocate money to where it is needed then if you have the surplus it will be your savings, simple as that. We all have different status in life and not all people can immediately take away 20% of their salary and convert it into savings. It burns, its really hard especially if you have a lot of things to pay for.

Now that you have a solid knowledge on how to manage your personal finance it's now time to set our gaze to the, next step.

2.) Start Your Own Business

money maker

According to actual studies, entrepreneurs have the advantage compared to employees and that is the faster growth and development, because of difference in mindset.

Entrepreneurs have the power to turn their business into powerhouse by implementing strategies that will focus on growth and development. The old strategy where you will start an enterprise, wait for the customers to come and watch the sales rolling into your cashbox is long over. The competition is tough and if you don't take action, your business might be devoured by competitors.

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40 Best Business Ideas
Profitable Business Ideas in the Philippines

What to do now?

Growth Hack!

Implement strategies to make your business stand out among the others. Use gimmicks, promos, marketing and be creative. Totally focus on growth, it is one of the secrets of every successful entrepreneurs.

Here are some business tips I can share to you from my 7 years of entrepreneurial experience.

• Feasibility Study

Starting a business is easy if you created a feasibility study. It is vital to make one especially for medium level enterprises. It doesn't have to be very complicated study, here are the template I followed.

- Estimate your starting capital - If you have a sure 100,000Php then create an estimate of 90,000 and make 10,000 a buffer for emergency funding.

- List down the expenses that will be used in repairs and renovations.

- How much is the rent expenses? Most of the rental space requires you to pay one month advance and two months deposit. Means you'll have to pay three months worth of rent.

- List down all the possible equipments you need to buy.

- Allocate the budget for your products.

While doing all the budgeting, planning and canvassing you must also do this.

- Find the suppliers of your products, depending on what business you will start finding a supplier is one of the toughest job.

- Ask your local municipality about the required permits.

- Create a survey to test marketability of your business.

Once finished, starting your business will be a walk in the park.

• Management Basics

Starting a business is easy but maintaining it and keeping it sustainable and growing is not easy. Failure rate of new business in the Philippines is over 60% and thats a big number. To avoid joining that 60% of failures you must grit your teeth and endure everything.

- Create a record of cash flow for your business.

- Record every transactions.

- Records will tell you if your business is going down. You can review what went wrong and make a plan to reverse the events.

- Give yourself a salary, this way you can avoid using the money of your business.

• Marketing Strategies

Maintaining a good record and efficient cash flow is important for your success, now its time to give marketing a closer look. The Chinese are the top businessmen and women in our country because they are the best marketers.

"Hindi bale liit tubo basta laki benta." is the running joke among Filipino community on how the Chinese runs their businesses and surprisingly the Chinese are right!

- When you're new to the business, start selling on lower price to attract customers.

- Be friendly and accommodating, this traits will help you acquire return customers (suki).

- Be wary of your competitors, they will also try to drop their price so no one will buy from you. It's a common occurrences so let them do what they want.

• Growth Hacks

Growth hacker is a term used for a entrepreneur who innovates and focus on growth rather than profit in order to gain an edge over their competitors. There are many startup companies who reached the top with growth hacking, Facebook is one of them.

- Think about how you can give the best quality of service without compromising a large part of your profit.

- Focus on customers satisfaction, let them enjoy the experience of dealing with you and your enterprise and you will be rewarded with a very powerful advertising called "word of mouth" this will make your business unique among the others because people like you, they are talking about you (positively) and they are recommending you to other people.

- A food business growth depends on taste, marketing and service. See Master Siomai, the Philippine's leading siomai franchise business because they have the best tasting siomai in town.

- In buy and sell businesses, having a good conversational skills is a big advantage. Leverage it with decent looks, irresistible smile and sincere attitude and you'll surely get more sales.

- Real estate agents are the best conversationalist because they undergo a training to improve their sales talk and confidence. Starting a blog with a laser targeted keywords on "buying intent" will also do the trick to increase sales.

Those are just the basics, once your business is up and running you can find different chance to make it grow and become stable and sustainable.

3.) Passive Income

We finished a brief discussion about personal finance management and a simple guides on starting your own business. Here is the last thing you need to master in order to be rich, how to acquire passive income.

Passive income is the money you earned from your investments. If you invest a larger sum of money you'll earn a larger amount of monthly passive income. When your invested money generates enough monthly passive income to support your daily needs you'll be considered as financially free.

Here are the investment options;

- Stock Market
- Mutual Funds
- Unit Investment Trust Funds
- Insurance
- and many more!

I do want to invest but its alien to me, I'm still studying the in's and out's of investing and Ms.Lianne's blog, The Wise Living is helping me understand it well.

But I still use a method that involves a little cash investment but requires tons of effort to succeed. As of now it's the source of my monthly passive income.

What's that method?

I started my own online business.

passive income online

Circa 2013, I invested 900Php for two domain name. Then I started two blogs on, one targeted a gardening niche and the other one is a startup businesses niche. Every week I'm "investing" one article to each blog written for an hour and another hour for building links. I love those niches so generating a content don't really bothers me at all, building links become a burden because my identity in those blogs are hidden.

Come 2014, my hardwork paid off, I'm now earning $450 every month from advertisements and affiliate commissions. It's still low compared to my past earnings when "spam" is the key to climbing the SERPs.

That monthly earnings helped me improve my financial status and slowly but surely finding my way out of this "rat race".

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You have a blog that's not earning passive income? What's wrong?

There are several factors why a blog is not earning passive income, here are some of the reasons;

• Keyword Research

Before creating a blog post, create a title that is searchable, catchy and intriguing. Most of the time a blogger is creating a blog post title that no one is searching for, which means little to none organic traffic is being generated. No search engine traffic means lower online income.

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• Content Marketing

Creating a content that's used to entice readers to buy a products or avail a service is very important in building your online business. In creating a content you must display authority in your niche in order to get your readers trust. If the readers likes you and trust what you said, they will be willing to avail your services or buy the products you endorse.

Authority is only a plus factor though, because the most important part of content marketing is how you provide actionable and definitive information that will help your readers solve their problems. If you're helpful, you will be loved.

• Relationships


Creating a bond between your fellow bloggers in your own niche is vital part of success. Read their blog, get ideas and be friendly. This will strengthen the community and can give your readers a much broader look at your niche. A better way to spread information and give your readers a smile of satisfaction.

This blog, Money Maker Philippines holds my real personal info that's why its much more easier to reach out to my fellow Filipino financial bloggers.

• Consistency

Write blog post once a week for a better search engine ranking. If you failed to post for a long time, you will lose readers and traffic which means decrease in your passive income.

If you need a help for your blog or website, contact me and I'll be happy to check it out.

Now you discovered my three simple but incredible techniques that will make you rich, there are still tons of get rich advice and guides on the internet, I just created something simple and shared my opinion about using online opportunities to get passive income which can help you reach financial freedom faster.

Don't forget to share or tweet this content, you can also like Money Maker Philippines Facebook Page for more updates.

What's your roadmap to riches? Share it with us.


10 Reasons Why Many OFW Remains Poor

ofw at airport naia

Are you a Filipino working outside the Philippines? What country are you working right now? Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) from Saudi, UAE, Oman (Middle East) Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Canada...all over the world. First let me salute you.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are considered to be Philippine's modern day heroes. Their remittances keeps our economy strong and kicking and that's the undeniable truth, I couldn't agree more. OFW deserve a respect and additional benefits because of their outstanding contributions to the country.

The sad fact is, there is still many OFW who are chained to debts and poverty. It's a depressing sight to see a man who worked for 25 years in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gaining nothing but a small parcel of land and a simple house, he doesn't have a stable source of income and still covered in debts, that man is always struggling to sustain his family's everyday needs.

What the crap happened?

Out of curiosity, I researched and studied this situation and here are the things I discovered. The reasons why many overseas Filipino workers are still poor.

1.) Insensitive Dependents

If you're an OFW you might notice that some of your relatives thinks that it's your responsibility to help them. Some will surely abuse your generosity and if refused to "help" them, you are the most evil person ever existed. Since "kahiyaan na" you'll still give the relatives what they asked for, only to see their Facebook accounts full of their pictures lounging around the malls, drinking caffè macchiato at Starbucks.

Help when you have to, especially to your relatives with serious health problems but stay away users and leeches.

Sharing is sexy, but too much giving is borderline stupid.

2.) Too Generous

After two years of working straight abroad, finally its now time to go home. When you arrived at the Philippines, the first thing you do is headed straight to Duty Free and started buying "pasalubong" for each and everyone of your kin.

A week after your stay, you hosted a party, an out of town vacation, a family reunion and more. You're giving money to every relatives asking for help. After a couple of months you will be forced to return in working overseas because your pocket is already empty. Investing in nothing...gaining nothing.

This is the most common attitude of some OFW, one day millionaire and trying too much to impress friends and relatives. According to Queen's lead vocal, Freddie Mercury "Too much love will kill you." According to me "Too much generosity will kill your wallet."

3.) Miscommunication

Not being open with your spouse is fatal to a relationship. Same is true when it comes to financial matters, to become financially free, both husband and wife must be open in budgeting, saving and investment.

Here's a sample story.

Allan is working in Kuwait as a part of the engineering team for two years already, he earns 50,000Php a month and sending 75% of his income to Lea, her wife who lives in Cavite where they bought a house in a decent subdivision 
Allan never fails to send his monthly remittances to Lea. He's expecting Lea to handle their money with care but he's not asking anything about the money, savings, investment or anything because he's afraid that Lea will be offended. Lea might think she's not being trusted in handling their finances. To avoid this scenario to happen, Allan decided to keep mum about it. 
On his third year, Allan go home in his family in the Philippines for a two month vacation. When he got home, he noticed that their appliances doubled, his son has a laptop and two branded smartphones. Lea have a vast collection of make-up and lipsticks, one branded bag and a collection of dress. 
"Hon how's our bank account?" Allan calmly asked. 
"Honey you're here already so the problem is solved. Please pay for the credit card balance, last time I checked, its 50,000Php" Lea said while clinging to her husband's arms. 
With one deep sigh, Allan learned his mistake.

That's only one of the example on how miscommunication ends up badly. Husband and wife must learn how to open up their feelings to each other, and at the same time they must know how to be open when it comes to financial matters. Spouse must plan together, work together and dream together, and as a bonded family, they will achieve their goals in life...together.

4.) Unfaithfulness

Having an affair while working overseas will not only destroy the relationship of the family. It will also destroy your pocket and bank account. Be faithful to your spouse, avoid the illicit relationship by keeping yourself busy. Remember that idle mind is the house of the devil.

How to be busy? Start a blog, build an online business using your blog. Socialize with other bloggers and build friendship, gain some readers. Eventually, be a star blogger and make some money. This way you'll gain new friends and new achievements.

5.) Scam Target

Overseas Filipino Workers are the primary target of investment scams and multilevel marketing scams (MLM) and other dubious schemes. Why scammers focus their gaze on overseas Filipino workers (OFW)? Below are some of the reason.

• OFW are easier to convince since they want money so they can go back to the Philippines and be as soon as possible.

• OFW communities abroad are tightly bonded so they can't say no if a certain friend asked them to join.

• OFWs are lonely  because of homesicknessnes while the scammers' community is happy and lively bunch. Study shows that a homesick person is more attracted to join a fun-filled group of people.

• OFWs have the money to pay for the membership or initial investment.

Most OFW are not financially literate, and so the people of the Philippines.

• Peer pressure.

6.) Financial Literacy

Investing a little money in a book that will teach you how to manage your finances is a good start to become financially literate. Wise thing to do is to read the tips and advice of some Filipino financial bloggers, you wont spend a single penny but you'll still learn a load of important information about handling your own finances.

How to increase financial literacy? Simple, become wise in spending money. Investments and betting on stock exchange might be scary for a noob. Just learn the basics. Save part of your salary, don't spend on things you don't need and be frugal. Those three habits will make a long way and you can becom,e

7.) No Plans for the Future

Not creating a plan is planning to fail. You can't stay an OFW forever, your family needs your presence, your spouse needs your loving caress, and I know that you want to go home too and stay in the Philippines for good.

 In order to go back home as soon as possible, you must know the basic money management, save a lot of money and then planning what business to start in the Philippines.
Start planning about your dream business, if you don't know what enterprise to enter, Money Maker Philippines has a massive list of business ideas in the Philippines. Feel free to browse it, they are all sustainable.

8.) Victims of Abuse

It's true that many OFW especially those who works as domestic helper are victims of abuse. They are raped, deprived of their salary, physically and mentally tortured. This kind of problems can only be solved if the government start cracking down on human traffickers and illegal recruitment agencies.

Which leads us too...

9.) Lack of Government Support

According to National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) the contributions of OFWs to Philippine economy amounts to $27 billion and it will still increase in the coming years. Because of this large amount of money helping in sustaining the economy, the government must give priority to OFWs. Free financial management seminars to OFW and his dependants is a must. Free books about financial literacy and business ventures must also given to them.

But still, financial freedom all boils down to...

10.) Discipline

All the books, blogs, knowledge and wisdom about being finance wont help you if you don't have discipline. Saving money and making it grow is hard as maintaining your diet, when you listen to a registered financial planner about money matters everything seems so easy but when you started applying the methodologies you'll start to feel the burn.

Here are some tips to strengthen your resolve.

• Open a savings account.

• Do it slowly. Save a little money first and when you get the rhythm, increase your savings until you reach the desired %.

• Join the group of people who loves to invest in legal investment opportunities. They can lead you to green pastures.

 • Continuously read your favorite Filipino financial bloggers, they will give you inspiration and motivation to reach your goals.

• Avoid easy money, if investment is too good to be true, it is scam.

That's the list of reasons why many OFW are still poor. It can be avoided, there are many ways to prevent it from happening, our modern day heroes deserves better than this.

Do you experience one of those negative things in our list? Have solved the problems? Please share us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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