Massive List of Best Frugal Tips - Round Up

Living frugally is the best way to live a simple and happy live, most of all frugal living will hasten your goal to become financially free. Do you agree?

The question is:

"How to live frugally?"


Here are some tips that can give you some idea how to do it right.

1.) Stop spending on unnecessary things...for your pocket's sake.

2.) Be simple. Simplicity is beauty.

 3.) Don't replace a working gadget.

4.) Create a budget plan or blog about it like some finance and frugal bloggers to motivate yourself.

5.) Just don't spend too much. 




Not satisfied?


To give you more tips and tricks, I present you some Filipino financial bloggers to help you out. 

Edel Mabalay - Techo of Life in Manila

Edel is the gal behind Life in Manila, a blog that tackles her awesome existence in Manila, her blog have a mix topic of personal finance, shopping tips (Yes, shopping and how to control the urge.) cooking, and personal stuff. Her financial knowledge is engaging and you must give it a read.

Today she'll be sharing her frugal tips at home; a must read not only for homemakers.

Here are the five frugal tips which she try to follow strictly:

1. I have a weekly budget which I follow strictly. There are times when I get to overspend on a particular week, but I make sure it gets deducted from next week’s budget. Talk about offsetting!

2. Instead of accumulating stuff, I try to dispose or give away items at home that I don’t find any immediate or future use for. Normally, I give them to my parents, siblings, friends, or relatives. You know the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? It’s so true.

3. To keep our food expenses low and encourage ourselves to eat healthy, my husband and I buy fresh produce from the wet market. This also doubles as a bonding activity for us. Nowadays, we only go to the supermarket when our canned goods and cleaning supplies are on the verge of running out.

4. Instead of buying new beauty care (read: make-up) and toiletries, I try to finish using the ones I have at home first. This applies to food supplies as well. I just tell myself that my desire to try a new product can wait.

5. Unless we have house guests or it’s really necessary, we schedule our trips to the mall only during weekends. Or if we go out on Saturday, we stay at home on Sunday and vice versa. Fuel prices are starting to go up again and so every peso counts.

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Cindy Cortes of Kuripot Adventure

Cindy is the shy type gal who blog about beauty products before but she finds her calling on sharing different frugal tips that will help her and her readers find the way to financial freedom. She's now here on Money Maker Philippines to share some of the frugal tips being implemented at their house.

Cindy take the mic please :)

Here are my top 5 Frugal Tips I do at home

1. We make sure to clean our electric fan once a week so that we consume less in energy.

2. We buy in bulk products like laundry detergent, shampoo, fabric conditioner, sugar and the like instead of buying small packs. We notice we save more and use the product longer.

3. We don't drink soft drinks now which is good for our health and happy for our pocket. But there's an exception if there's an occasion. Hehe.

4. We list the items that we need to buy at the grocery store. It prevents us from purchasing or hoarding unnecessary goods.

5. We make use of advantage card from grocery stores such as pure gold or SM to avail discounts and earn points.

Thank You!

A round of applause!

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Izza Glino of Savings Pinay

If you want to improve your personal finance then you should visit Izza at Savings Pinay. She shares some valuable information about financial lessons, personal money experiences, budget tips, saving tricks, investment topics, productivity posts and career advice.

And guess what?

I interviewed her and she agreed to share some frugal tips that can help you save more money!

ME: What are your top 5 frugal practices that will help you save money?

1. I bought quality plain t-shirts and polo shirts of different colors and use them as my uniform at work. That way all I have to do is choose my pants to pair with and my blazer or cover-up. It also save me a big chunk of my time because I don't have to think hard on what to wear to work.

2. I strive hard to find frugal beauty products that work well. As a woman, my inner kakikayan shows with my obsession with makeup. Because I know that this hobby can be very costly I try to find products that are local and cheap yet tried and tested to work best. I also make it a point to only shop for a new skincare item or makeup if I know that I am nearing to empty a product.

3. I buy books in Booksale and stash some more during wide sale or bazaar. One hobby that makes me super happy is reading books and I have an obsession or just buying, collecting and reading books no matter what the genre is. I love second-hand books for I feel like there is a story behind each book.

4. We have no TV at home. Because I live with my eldest sister and both of us are way too entertained with our smart phone and laptop we choose not to have a TV anymore. I actually couldn't believe that I could live without TV but it turns out it is the right decision. We are not always at home plus we can just watch with our phone.

5. I manage my time well. This is a long process but I do believe that proper time management can help a person save more money. If you manage your time well you can avoid traffic as you go to work and more.

Hope my answers help.

Thank you so much for your answers Ms. Izza!

Visit Izza's blog:

Carlos - Personal Finance Apprentice 

The Personal Finance Apprentice is a blog that provides informative and actionable tips and tricks about investing (e.g how to invest in stock market) and personal finance management. Carlos publishes high quality articles in his blog and if you want to know more about investing and frugality just visit his blog and be enlightened.

Today we're lucky that he agreed to join our round up about frugality tips.

My top 5 would probably be:

1. Wait - Just wait before you buy. Whether it's on sale, looks like a great deal, or even if you already saved up for it, just wait a little bit before buying. You can canvass prices some more or maybe even just confirm first that you really need it. Or really want it, if it's a luxury, over a host of other things.

2. Track your spending - It's always an eye opener the first time you do it. You can get an app or just use scratch paper. But when you start tracking your money's "outflow" you really understand where the problem is.

3. Be curios/industrious - You'd be surprised how easy it is to do stuff you'd normally pay other people to do - fix faucets, pipes, locks, etc.

4. Buy high-quality, efficient products AND maintain properly - Look for EEF scores or pay attention to wattage. Maintain properly and even mediocre appliances might last long.

5. Know how to buy your happiness - Depending on past experience, this may sound cliche or cheesy. But in my experience, buying the wrong kind of happiness is the biggest money drainer.

(...and a bonus)

Generally any insecurity we might have could lead to over spending. People sometimes turn to food when they're stressed or unhappy, which can be expensive in itself without accounting for other related expenses it creates (like maintenance meds or trips to the doctor). Similarly people sometimes buy status symbols since they naturally crave either attention or admiration from others and "stuff" helps with that. High-paid, very busy parents might be spending a lot more than necessary on stuff for their kids because they feel guilty about the lack of quality time. Lack of self-esteem could be bad too, if we end up buying so many beauty products because we're somehow not ok with how we naturally look.

But I do believe happiness can be bought, just differently.  But generally find what makes you happy and spend your time and money on that. You can instead spend on additional/continuous education and get admiration for knowledge, while possibly improving career prospects. You could make time and spend a weekend with you kid, maybe treating them to a theme park and some ice cream - which could be less expensive and at the same time more memorable. The other stuff isn't so obvious, but if you answer "why" you could probably find a less expensive but more permanent solution.

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Glen Apacible - Make Your Peso Grow (MYPG)

Glen Apacible is a seasoned investor and a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer who ended up with a career in I.T. and now working as a Systems Analyst and Software QA Engineer for an HK-based firm. He's writing actionable content about investing in mutual funds, UITF and stock market in his blog.

As requested, here are 5 tips I can share to you and your readers:

1. Wants vs. Needs

Determine if the thing you want to buy is a want or a need. Wants can be deferred. Needs are the things that you need in order to survive (life or work).

2. Save first before spending instead of spending first before saving.

After getting your salary, set aside an amount for your savings (ideally, at least 20%). The rest will be used for monthly expenses. Track where you spend your money and identify which expenses can be reduced. Increase the savings part if still possible.

3. Know when to pay in cash, know when to take advantage of your credit card

When buying expensive stuff like gadgets and appliances, don't be shy to ask for the "cash price" or the "best price". You'll be surprised that some reputable stores can give you generous discounts. In case a merchant tells you that credit card price is the same as the cash price, just use your credit card (if you have one) to earn rebates (provided you pay your credit card balance in full every month). Credit cards can also be used to avail special promos.

4. 3-in-1 over Starbucks coffee

If you're already working, you'll save a lot of money if you make your own coffee (3-in-1 or coffee from the pantry) instead of buying from coffee shops. I drink coffee twice a day. Assuming I spend 130 Pesos for a Grande sized Macchiato, that's 260 Pesos per day, 1300 Pesos a week, 5200 Pesos a month and 62400 Pesos a year!

5. Wait for "Sale" events

In case your purchase of clothes, furniture and other stuff can be deferred, wait for your favorite mall or shops to go on sale. You'll definitely be able to save some money on your purchase. Aside from the usual discounts to items, some malls even give additional discounts during the first 3 hours.

Visit Glen's blog:

Aurika Matias - Gumala With Aurika

Aurika loves travel and eating out. Despite having a travel blog, she knows a lot of important stuff about money and frugality. Now we're lucky that she agrees to share her financial hacks on our blog.

Aurika please take the lead :)

5 Financial Hacks I Should Have Known Earlier To Save Money

Admit it, you get excited every pay day then spontaneously buy things because “I worked hard for it so I will treat myself with a super cool new gadget”.  Don’t worry, it’s normal and all we can do is to learn from experience. Here are some financial hacks that I learned during my first year in work and later on become a habit to save money:

Financial Hack #1: Track your expenses.

Simple steps to track your expenses and save money:

• Save every receipt for 3 months or write your everyday expenses to see what you really spend, whether you pay for them by cash or card. I personally use Pocket Expense application on my phone to easily input and track my expenses.

• Review the numbers and your regular expenses. Now that you can see how you’ve spent your money, look for ways to save like cutting back on meals out or downgrading your cellphone package plan.

• Review all of your expenses for ways to cut back, then decide what to do with the extra money, such as paying-off your credit card, add it to your investment account or increase your emergency fund. Cutting out those money waster can make a big difference in your financial statement.

Financial Hack #2: “Do Not Save What Is Left After Spending, But Spend What Is Left After Saving”

That was what Warren Buffet said and I practiced it. After tracking my expenses.

I grouped my salaries into 4:

  • Expenses
  • Investment
  • Emergency Fund/ Save-up
  • Retirement Fund

Percentage will depend in your financial statement that is why tracking your expenses is important.

Financial Hack #3: Set up an automatic transfer to a savings or investment account.

If you keep on forgetting to save before spending, this will be very useful. Decide how much you want to save every payday or every month and it will automatically be transferred from your ATM-based savings account to your Save-Up account. Saving at least Php 3,000 a month will make a big difference in your financial statement. If you have extra cash, no need to wait for it to be transferred automatically – you can transfer funds anytime to you save-up account.

Financial Hack #4: Buy groceries.

Yup, rather than getting that overpriced meals and desserts. Did you know that you can save 50 percent by buying food in bulk? It is a highly effective way to cut expenses. If you’re shopping just for yourself, around Php 1,000 of groceries would be reasonable.

Financial Hack #5: Invest

If you are the type of person who wants to control your money then attend seminars or read “How to invest” books, open an investment account and then start investing. But take note that you’ll be the one responsible for it and has to keep on monitoring it. If you’re the “I have no time to monitor it” or “It’s hard to understand, I’ll let someone do it for me” then try the Mutual Fund.

Below are some of online trading brokers in the Philippines with a minimum of Php 5,000 deposit to start an account:

  • Col Financial
  • Accord Capital Equities Corporation
  • Angping & Associates Securities, Inc.

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Mufti Lahaba - Drive 2 Freedom

Mufti owns the financial blog known as Drive 2 Freedom where he shares true gems of knowledge that helps people solve their problems regarding financial matters. He agrees to share some actionable information about frugality. 

1.) Use your reward card or have one. Use it every time you shop. SM advantage card is one good example. Over time you can accumulate points and you can use it to buy stuffs instead of cash.

2.) Plan your purchases ahead of time. If you need items like bags, clothes etc. then wait for the sale. Do not buy on impulses.

3.) Have an annual budget for your shopping expenses and track your purchases. Once you have reached the limit then stop shopping and wait for next year. My wife and I have only 10,000 pesos allocated for shopping once we have consume it before end of the year. We are not to shop anymore.

4.) Don’t shop for the brand but instead shop for the quality. One example of a good brand is SM Bonus products. It’s cheaper than the leading brand but it is of good quality. Personally I don’t think SM will compromise for the brand.

5.) If you can’t afford it in cash then you can’t afford it. Avoid using credit cards. This can easily trap you into accumulating debts.

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With that massive list of best frugal tips, I wish you guys will discover something new and enjoyed the round up of Filipino financial bloggers in my blog - Money Maker Philippines.



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  1. totoo naman din lahat ng nabanggit but i so love the one that says "know how to buy your happiness". its a matter of having a right perspective.
    im inclined not to agree on "if you cant buy it in cash, you cant afford it" adage. i was once a trapped soul in the card bondage but once i got sobered, i realized how i was doing it way so wrong. again, its a matter of having the right perspective. nonetheless, to each his own naman.
    thanks for picking the mind of these frugalists and publishing it here.galing lang!

    1. I'm glad you liked it Arnie, "occasionally" buying happiness is okay naman I think. Too much frugality burns - (psychologically/emotionally) , of course a little ease and chill helps.

  2. Thank you very much for this, Marcelo! I read from top to bottom and I still picked up a lot from the other bloggers with frugal minds. I'd say having a good balance is key to living simply and being happy at the same time. Keep sharing! :)